Act Fast Plumbing Services

As members of Check a Trade, we are a plumbing service that cares and by giving an honest service, we have been given hundreds of glowing reports about our work that we are extremely proud of from plumbing repairs in Camberley to boiler breakdowns. When the word plumbing is referred to, it doesn’t just mean your toilets, in fact, it covers a whole system of pipes, tanks, and fittings required for supply of water, heating and sanitation in a given property. If you suspect any problems with your kitchen, bathroom or even radiators, then this is a job for Act Fast Solutions.

What is plumbing?

Plumbing is the act that involves installing and maintaining the piping systems that allows water to run through taps and boilers for heating. As plumbers, we like to see everything working as they should. Unfortunately we assist hundreds of home owners every year because of a leak or faulty radiator, but all these problems can be avoided and shouldn’t be left to go into disrepair.

When was the last time you gave your plumbing a thought?

If there’s no leak, then there are no problems right? Wrong. Leaks are just some of the problems that can go wrong in your plumbing systems, but without knowledge and experience, an average householder won’t get very far. Yearly checks are also a part of our plumbers service and more often than not, by doing a thorough check throughout the piping system means we can help you avoid close encounters of a burst water leak and hundreds of pounds of extra cost to replace.

We encourage our customers to think about yearly maintenance boiler checks and pipe flushing as your plumbing system works very hard day in day out and wear and tear can be expected in properties as they get older.

We don’t just fix the problem

We believe a service shouldn’t just fix or involve fixing the problem or installing a new tap system, but ensuring and checking that it works efficiently and fitted correctly is part of our service.

About Act Fast

Act Fast Solutions are a plumbing service offering new boiler installation and repairs. If you need a 24 hour plumbing call out service in a hurry in the Camberley area, then call us without delay on 080 0158 5524 .